DFB4B40 Fixed Block Making Machine

DASWELL DFB4B40 fixed block making machine is excellent in performance, high in efficiency and lower in energy consumption. Its products can be piled up (3~5 layers immediately after they are shaped.)

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  • Not using the clay as raw material to destroy any field.
  • No chimney to protect the environment and avoid pollution.
  • Production process is simple, they can be made everywhere.
Model Molding Quantity Cycle time Productivity per hour Voltage Power Package Weight Dimension Workers Pallet Size
DFB4B40 400x
200x200mm hollow block 4pcs per mould
40 seconds 400x
200x200mm hollow block 360pcs per 8hours
350 type 380V 10.4KW Iron case 1.5 Tons 1600

DASWELL concrete block making machines are suitable for small, medium or big sized projects for concrete blocks. The block making machine can be used to make different products with different moulds, such as hollow blocks, solid bricks, pavers, etc.

Fixed Block Production line

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